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Why we incubated: What became the world’s first Antimicrobial Air Purifier.

Incase you are wondering, we committed to this at the height of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In conversation with Anuj Sharma, Founder at Alsisar Impact, and Ravi Kaushik, founder at AiRTH.

How did it begin- when did you decide to incubate AiRTH?

Anuj: I first met with Ravi in 2019, when he attended one of my sessions at IIT Bombay. Ravi had reached out to me later discussing potential ideas for a startup. Multitasking on a lot of projects, he wanted my guidance for an EdTech company that he had been working on. Apart from that, Ravi had also been working on an air purifier for which he also had a patent.

Ravi had worked very hard on the mechanism of the air purifier and achieved that stage. His product, being a combination of various technologies, unlike the 52 year old HEPA filter technology , also collected the minute microbial particles and filtered them as well!

The mechanism, as explained by Ravi, “Air Purifiers usually capture all the bacteria in the air around them and turn it into a breeding ground. These microorganisms and bacteria can then release themselves again into the air to contaminate it. This being the main problem, made me realize that we needed a real-time solution for the same. So through years of research and lab experiments, we came up with our proprietary DCD (Deactivate- Capture- Deactivate) mechanism”

That was the moment when we built critical consensus around the product and team and in the same moment we decided to go ahead with incubation.

How was the experience working with the founder of AiRTH?

Anuj: Ravi is very proactive and enthusiastic about learning new things. It was quite extraordinary to see him cover all the aspects required to take Airth to the next level. He was also quite confident that he wanted us at Alsisar Impact to incubate it. In these early interactions, I felt that I came across an extremely curious entrepreneur, keen to absorb insight and learn new things, which increased my trust and confidence in the company.

The other aspect of Ravi that really inspired me was his focus on his company. Belonging to a family in a small town of Haryana, studying at IIT, leaving all the campus placements offered there to become an entrepreneur and start his own business, was quite a leap of faith.

After COVID hit in March 2020, Airth air purifiers became more valuable but still faced a lot of hurdles while getting an investment. After tough negotiations, we were able to raise enough to create a couple of prototypes. Ravi still stayed headstrong to continue on his aim to create a world-class product, manufactured in India.

Ours was a partner approach, working with Airth on the crucial decisions and comprehensive business support to build critical momentum required for him to break into a market while a pandemic raged on.

What social impact do you hope to create with AiRTH?

Anuj: The product itself aims for social impact by filtering and helping people breathe clean air.

Apart from that, the company has worked hard to provide employment. It managed to create an 8 member team in only 12 months.

What is your vision for the company?

Anuj: The vision that I have for this company is to showcase the fact that the country can have successful entrepreneurs like Ravi in all sectors. On a larger level, I also want to put forth the fact that India can design top-notch quality products and export them across the world.

Ravi: We wish to be the industry leaders in air purification and sterilizations. We would also like to use our proprietary mechanism for all HVC air ducts and vents used in buildings and also in cars. We believe that everyone deserves clean air to breathe. We hope to make India pandemic resistant. COVID has also been spreading through air and we hope to make a change through our air purifiers.

Office Opening in 2021 (Delhi)
Office Opening in 2021 (Delhi)

About AiRTH: We are Air Doctors and our mission is to deliver clean air technology to homes, businesses, frontline warriors and protect them from the dangers of unseen viruses.

Our Anti Microbial Air Purifiers deactivate the viruses in real time and tackle the deteriorating air quality with the first of its kind technology developed at IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur.