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"We act as a key Catalyst in impact investing and social enterprise landscape in developing geographies to foster transparency, accountability and responsible investing process"

"Bold ideas need equally bold conviction, perseverance and pure commitment "

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Global Work experience

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Investment mobilised across various sectors

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in various sectors

Why We Incubated a Digital Education Startup in Nagaland
NagaEd is social enterprise focusing on affordable and quality education for rural and remote communities In conversation with Anuj Sharma, Founder at ALSiSAR Impact: Why did ALSiSAR Impact incubate a startup from Nagaland?…
Why we incubated: What became the world’s first Antimicrobial Air Purifier.
Incase you are wondering, we committed to this at the height of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In conversation with Anuj Sharma, Founder at Alsisar Impact, and Ravi…
Why we incubated an Uttarakhand startup turning wild grass into sustainable fashion
Descatuk is a social enterprise helping connect communities to markets producing ethically made handloom & handicrafts from the Himalayan region SHG in Dehradun Uttarakhand DESCATUK stands for Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts and…
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